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52 OMNIBUS HC (150.00 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 14/11/2012)

Codice prodotto: JUL120217

Prezzo: €150.00

Il nostro prezzo : €112.50

Risparmi: €37.50 (25%)
'As addictive as any good TV series, any good mystery-novel series, any good comic book series.' - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY 'Gripping.' - THE WASHINGTON POST 'A compelling, epic story that wound up saving the world five times over.' - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS ο After INFINITE CRISIS, the DC Universe had its most eventful year ever. It was a year without Superman, Batman or Wonder WomanΦbut not a year without heroes! ο This massive hardcover collects the entire year-long run of the weekly series 52!

ABSOLUTE BATMAN & ROBIN HC BATMAN REBORN (RES) (99.99 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 09/01/2013)

Codice prodotto: OCT120264

Prezzo: €100.00

Il nostro prezzo : €75.00

Risparmi: €25.00 (25%)
The entire run of BATMAN AND ROBIN by writer GRANT MORRISON is collected in an oversized, slipcased ABSOLUTE EDITION! • The DYNAMIC DUO battle the CIRCUS OF STRANGE and investigate the abduction of a child by the mysterious DOMINO KILLER! • With BRUCE WAYNE absent from GOTHAM CITY, the new Batman and Robin must deal with the deadly return of THE JOKER! • Collects BATMAN AND ROBIN #1-16 and BATMAN: THE RETURN #1!

Pagine:   1 2 3    Range: