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AMERICAN FLAGG DEFINITIVE COLL TP VOL 02 (19.99 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 08/11/2017)

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Prezzo: 12.99
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IMAGE COMICS - AMERICAN FLAGG DEFINITIVE COLL TP VOL 02 - (W) Chaykin, Howard (A) Chaykin, Howard (C) Chaykin, Howard - CONCEPT: In 2031, chaos is the new world order. Worldwide nuclear and chemical conflict, environmental disasters and nationalism have driven the United States government-and the corporations that own it- to the relative safety of the planet Mars. The government and its parent companies, now renamed the PLEX, run things in absentia from the red planet. The only real law on Earth is enforced by the Plexus Rangers. Reuben Flagg was the star of a television series dramatizing the fictional adventures of one such Plexus Ranger. When Flagg was replaced by a hologram, he was drafted into the Plexus Rangers and assigned to protect the city of Chicago. Along with Raul, the smartest talking cat alive, and Luther Ironheart, the stupidest robot ever, and surrounded by a bevvy of the most beautiful women of the 21st century, Flagg faces an uphill battle protecting and defending the American way of life…or rather, what's left of it. This is AMERICAN FLAGG!, created, written and illustrated by HOWARD CHAYKIN and winner of numerous awards and honors, including nine Eagle Awards. The first trade paperback collects issues 1 through 6 ('Hard Times' and 'Southern Comfort'). The second features issues 7 through 12 ('State of the Union' and 'Solidarity-For Now'). The first volume also reprints the nine-page prelude written and illustrated by CHAYKIN that was never printed in the original comic!

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