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BULLETPROOF COFFIN TP VOL 01 (MR) (17.99 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 10/01/2018)

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Codice prodotto: DEC170594

Prezzo: 11.69
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IMAGE COMICS - BULLETPROOF COFFIN TP VOL 01 (MR) - (W) Hine, David (A) Kane, Shaky (C) Kane, Shaky - Steve Newman cleans house for the dead until the day he stumbles upon a collection of comic books that shouldn't exist. Dinosaurs, zombies, provocative women and a hero willing to give up his life for his dreams. THEY SAID: 'Amazing,' 'Automythological,' 'Baffling,' 'Bananas,' 'Beautiful,' 'Campy,' 'Cool,' 'Creepy,' 'Delicate,' 'Delirious,' 'Exciting,' 'Exhilarating,' 'Fascinating,' 'Funny,' 'Grotesque,' 'Haunting,' 'Imaginificent,' 'Kitschy,' 'Meta-fictional,' 'Moody,' 'Obsessive-compulsive,' 'Original,' 'Over-the-top,' 'Phenomenal,' 'Poetic,' 'Psychoactivating,' 'Quirky,' 'Radical,' 'Razor-sharp,' 'Remarkable,' 'Schizophrenic,' 'Solipsistic,' 'Sublime,' 'Subtle,' 'Trippy,' 'Vibrant,' 'Virtuosic,' 'Visceral,' 'Vital,' 'Wacky,' 'Weird,' 'Wonky,' 'Zany.' WE SAY: The most fun you can have with your clothes on! Read naked for extra thrills!

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