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COMPLETE CARL BARKS INDEX LARGE PRINT ED (39.95 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 28/03/2018)

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KIM WESTON - COMPLETE CARL BARKS INDEX LARGE PRINT ED - (W) Weston, Chris - This book is a comprehensive index and concordance of all Carl Barks' comic book work. It is keyed to the original comic books, and reprints in Another Rainbow's The Carl Barks Library, Craig Yoe's The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear, and Kim Weston's The Unavailable Carl Barks (in color). In addition to comic book work, it includes information on paintings, storyboard and animation drawings, model sheets, and drawings for fans, among other things as published in The Carl Barks Library. Each of the over 29,000 data entries in the Index includes reference to the original USA comic book publications, with comic book title, issue, and story page numbers. It also includes reference to The Carl Barks Library publication including set, volume, and page reference, as well as submission dates, based on Carl Barks' personal work records and similar title and page references for the other two books. Information has also been included to make the Index useful even with other reprints in addition to the original comic books and these three book reprintings. The Complete Carl Barks Index LARGE PRINT INDEX EDITION is 548 pages. The regular and LARGE PRINT editions are identical in content except for the print size and formatting of the Index portion of the book. Both include over a dozen chapters of introductory, background, and historical material, and topics of special interest.

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