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DOCTOR WHO GALLIFREY TIME WAR AUDIO CD (C: 0-1-2) (58.99 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 13/06/2018)

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Codice prodotto: FEB182099

Prezzo: 70.79
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BIG FINISH - DOCTOR WHO GALLIFREY TIME WAR AUDIO CD (C: 0-1-2) - (W) Handcock, Scott (A) Na (C) Binding, Lee - Starring Lalla Ward as the second Romana, Louise Jameson as Leela, Sophie Aldred as Ace, and Sir Derek Jacobi as the War Master. The Time Lords and the Daleks have opposed one another across millennia. But now, their conflict tips into an all-out Time War, and nowhere across the universe of spacetime is safe. Battle plans will be drawn, allies recruited, and innocents caught in the crossfire. Gallifrey is going to war, and the cosmos will never be the same again.

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