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BARBARELLA #5 CVR C COHEN (3.99 USD - Disponibile in USA dal 24/11/2021)

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Codice prodotto: SEP210618

Prezzo: 3.19
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DYNAMITE - BARBARELLA #5 CVR C COHEN - (W) Hoyt, Sarah (A) Musabekov, Madibek (C) Cohen, Carla - The dominos keep falling, but still, there are more to tumble as Barbarella seeks the source of a malevolent evil that enslaves, mutilates, and now can add mass kidnappings to the list. And so, Barbarella brings the love -- and the outrage -- to the pleasure planet, Rio, 'cause there's nothing pleasurable about being kidnapped -- or on the wrong end of a Vix scorned!

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