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DC COMICS - AIR - #007

Codice prodotto: 76194126586500711

Prezzo : 1.00

DC COMICS - AIR - Written by G. Willow Wilson Art and cover by M.K. Perker Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a change in our flight plan. You may have heard of a group called the Etesian Front - vigilantes dedicated to taking the skies back from terrorism. Sounds like a noble cause, right? But there's more to them than meets the eye. They're after someone I know. Someone who is either an average frequent flier - or a terrorist. And he's got a secret. Something that will change the way we fly - and the way we see technology - forever. To find him, we've altered course. We're en route to a country that doesn't exist on any maps. Only one person knows how to get us there: me. My name is Blythe, and I'll be your stewardess today. So buckle your seatbelts - this will be the flight of your life. This extra-sized debut issue features the series' regular cover price of $2.99 US. Don't miss a special preview of AIR #1 in MADAME XANADU #1! Retailers: Please check the Previews Order Form for a special ordering incentive. On sale August 20  40 pg, FC, $2.99 US  MATURE READERS


Codice prodotto: 76194129379000111

Prezzo : 1.00

DC COMICS - HUMAN TARGET - Written by PETER MILLIGAN Art by EDVIN BIUKOVIC Cover by TIM BRADSTREET The first issue of the original Vertigo HUMAN TARGET miniseries is reprinted for $1.00, just in time for the new series from Warner Bros. TV airing on Fox! The Human Target is hired to impersonate an African-American minister with a contract on his head and learns that there's a contract out on his life as well. This issue is featured in the new HUMAN TARGET: CHANCE MEETINGS TP (OCT090298)


Codice prodotto: 76194129378300111

Prezzo : 1.00

DC COMICS - LOSERS - Written by ANDY DIGGLE Art and cover by JOCK The acclaimed Vertigo series from writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock began with this issue introducing an elite U.S. Special Forces unit that stumbled across a dirty CIA secret they couldn't ignore. The CIA tried to kill them - but that only set the team on a course for bloody vengeance. This issue is featured in the new THE LOSERS VOL. 1 & 2 TP (NOV090232), just in time for the film adaptation in theaters April 2010!


Codice prodotto: 76194129651700111

Prezzo : 1.00

DC COMICS - SPACEMAN - Written by BRIAN AZZARELLO Art by EDUARDO RISSO Cover by DAVE JOHNSON On sale OCTOBER 26  1 of 9, 32 pg, FC, $1.00 US  MATURE READERS Writer BRIAN AZZARELLO and artist EDUARDO RISSO - the Eisner Award-winning creators of 100 BULLETS - return to Vertigo with a new 9-issue miniseries, kicking off with a debut issue priced at just $1.00! Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, SPACEMAN tells the story of Orson - a hulking, lonely loser who spends his days collecting scrap metal and dreaming of the startrekking life he was promised. That is, until he finds himself at the center of a celebrity child kidnapping case. Seeing his chance to be a hero, Orson takes matters into his own hands...but will his actions only cause more heartbreak?

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