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Codice prodotto: 70985300368700311

Prezzo : 4.00

IMAGE - BAD PLANET - written by STEVE NILES & THOMAS JANE art by LEWIS LAROSA & TIM BRADSTREET cover by MARK SHULTZ The Phaedon Warrior makes his way to Earth, and Veronica Falcon thinks he may hold the key to stopping the Alien Beasts. But will the escaped alien convict want to lend a hand? Or is he here to revel in the destruction?


Codice prodotto: 70985300368700411

Prezzo : 3.00

IMAGE - BAD PLANET - The world is being consumed an inch at a time as the DeathSpiders (TM) spread from the two crash spots! The mysterious FrogMan starts to eat himself in a top-secret hermetically sealed facility! Strange cults start to form, worshipping the aliens! The Convict and the Boy discover a strange connection, despite the Convict's shitty attitude! The sickening, bladder-weakening FLYING BLOWFISH continue to spread DeathSpider eggs across the globe. And Crighton and Veronica make a horrific revelation. RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES SIDEBAR PLUS no less than 14 pages of FULL COLOR 3D done by the MASTER of STEREOSCOPIC imaging, RAY ZONE! SUPER-TERROR 3-D GLASSES included!


Codice prodotto: 70985300368700511

Prezzo : 3.00

IMAGE - BAD PLANET - 'The Convict's Story!' From the torn and bloody fields of darkest Africa to the broken rubble-strewn cities of North America, our intrepid duo of astronomers and young Anan have watched the omnivorous DeathSpidersT wreak cataclysmic alien death upon our planet and wondered about their own Alien in their midst! Wonder no more, intrepid duo and young Anan! The Phaedon Warrior is ready to tell his tale! Featuring 14 fully painted pages of alien horror by English shock-meister DAVE KENDALL!

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