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Codice prodotto: 725130074874

Prezzo : 3.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - HIGHLANDER - by Brandon Jerwa & Fabio Laguna The most unexpected Highlander story begins here! Writer Brandon Jerwa is counting down to issue #12 as the first year of Highlander stories races towards a dark and startling conclusion! Starring Duncan MacLeod, and picking up from the shocking events of Highlander: Endgame (the film which revealed the ultimate fate of Connor MacLeod), issue #10 reveals that Connor may be gone, but is certainly not forgotten - all as Duncan undertakes a deadly mission that involves a doomsday cult and the Watchers!


Codice prodotto: IC1000153

Prezzo : 3.50

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - HIGHLANDER - by J.T. Krul & Carlos Rafael An all-new mini-series event spanning the ages as Connor MacLeod searches for the lost sword of his mentor! Connor continues to search for Ramirez's long-lost sword as the time shifts to the past and the actions of the deadly Kurgan, and back to the present in the sly Guerin!


Codice prodotto: 725130112392

Prezzo : 5.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - HIGHLANDER ORIGINS KURGAN - by Brandon Jerwa & Carlos Rafael Highlander mastermind Brand Jerwa returns to the mythos with a special 2 issue mini-series event telling the origin of the barbaric Kurgan for the first time ever! Joined by artist Carlos Rafael and lead cover artist Stephen Segovia, HIGHLANDER ORIGINS: KURGAN #1 (OF 2) is the definitive tale of the immortal Kurgan, Connor MacLeod's most deadly foe! Never what you expect, Dynamite's Highlander continues to thrill old and new fans alike!


Codice prodotto: 725130074782

Prezzo : 1.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL - by Doug Murray & Frank Cho, & Adriano Batista A Previews Exclusive! In the introductory priced #0 issue, Dynamite introduces readers to an original 8-page story, overseen by co-writer and artist Frank (Mighty Avengers, Liberty Meadows) Cho, and infuses the issue with everything Cho fans want to see - beautiful women, thrilling adventures, and, of course, dinosaurs! Co-writer Doug (Red Sonja: Queen of the Frozen Wastes, The 'Nam) Murray is along for the ride, as is series artist Adriano (Red Sonja) Batista as they bring the Jungle Girl to life! Featuring a cover by Cho, this #0 issue is a must-have, and available for just 25 cents! Issue #0 leads directly into the first Dynamite Jungle Girl mini-series - and look for the ongoing Jungle Girl adventures in 2008!

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL - #001 Adriano Batista Variant -

Codice prodotto: IC41277

Prezzo : 5.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL - by Doug Murray & Frank Cho, Adriano Batista, & Frank Martin A Previews Exclusive! Dynamite proudly presents Frank Cho's Jungle Girl! Co-plotted and overseen by Frank Cho, scripted by Doug Murray and crafted by Adriano Batista and Frank Martin, the Jungle Girl is destined to be the Dynamite series of 2007! Continuing from the best-selling issue #0, Jana the Jungle Girl races to save a group of intruders into this strange land - a world filled with dinosaurs, prehistoric men, and a thousand dangers! Each issue reveals more clues about the nature of Jana, and of the island itself, with each thrilling twist and turn overseen by Frank Cho, along with Doug Murray and artist Adriano Batista!


Codice prodotto: 725130108418

Prezzo : 3.50

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL SEASON 2 - Frank Cho, Doug Murray (W) Adriano Batista (A) Covers: Frank Cho, Adriano Batista Dynamite's Jungle Girl series returns under the direction of cover artist/co-plotter Frank (Avengers) Cho, co-plotter/writer Doug (The 'Nam, SAVAGE TALES) Murray and interior artist Adriano (RED SONJA) Batista! From the stunning conclusion of the first season to the exciting opening of our new season of stories, Jungle Girl delivers action, excitement, twists, thrills and the finest illustrations of dinosaurs and the female form found in comics today! Don't believe us? Just check those covers! And that's just the beginning... for our second season, Cho and Murray are taking the action underground, and underwater as more clues regarding Jana, the undisputed Queen of the Jungle, finds out more about her mysterious past, and the mysterious island she call home! Featuring two covers per issues, one by the incomparable Frank Cho and the other a 1 in 4 chase cover by Adriano Batista!


Codice prodotto: 725130112460

Prezzo : 3.50

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL SEASON 2 - Frank Cho, Doug Murray & Adriano Batista Jana the Jungle Girl awakens inside a very damp cave, captured and surrounded by the mer-men -- along with one of Captain Mason's crewman, these strange underwater beings are prepared to sacrifice the pair of them to their god! Featuring covers by Frank Cho (and a special variant cover by interior artist Adriano Batista) and scripts by Doug Murray, Jungle Girl continues to thrill fans of all types!


Codice prodotto: 725130115966

Prezzo : 3.50

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - JUNGLE GIRL SEASON 2 - by Frank Cho, Doug Murray & Adriano Batista Writer Doug Murray and cover artist/co-plotter Frank Cho conclude their most exciting Jungle Girl series yet! Over the course of the last two years, fans have been demanding answer to the mysterious origins of Jana and at the conclusion of this issue, the biggest mystery stands revealed! Illustrated by Adriano Batista and again featuring two incredible covers, one by Cho and a variant by Batista!


Codice prodotto: 725130148568

Prezzo : 4.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - KATO ORIGINS WAY O/T NINJA - (W) Jai Nitz (A) Colton Worley (C) Colton Worley, Francesco Francavilla (1-in-10) From the pages of GREEN HORNET: YEAR ONE comes the solo adventures of KATO! Kato is on his own as he tracks down a murderer and finds himself caught among the intrigue and danger of wartime America and the Japanese and Nazi are on the mainland! Now, in addition to the murderer he's trailing, Kato is onto bigger game - spies and saboteurs!


Codice prodotto: 725130176530

Prezzo : 4.00

DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT - KEVIN SMITH BIONIC MAN - (W) Kevin Smith, Phil Hester (A) Jonathan Lau (C) Alex Ross (main), Jonathan Lau (1-in-10) Colonel Steve Austin is at death's door after the catastrophic crash landing of his experimental aircraft, and even as surgeons struggle to save his life, the shadowy figures in the upper echelons of the espionage service O.S.I. plot to augment him with dangerous, untested bionics. Meanwhile, the entity known as Hull amasses a secret army bent on wiping humanity from the face of the Earth. The only person capable of stopping Hull is Steve Austin, the Bionic Man, but will he survive his own genesis as the world's first cyborg?

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