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Codice prodotto: 81390601004800311

Prezzo: 5.00
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RADICAL PUBLISHING - INCARNATE - Creator and Writer NICK SIMMONS Penciller NICK SIMMONS Inker MATT DALTON Colorist BRIAN BUCCELLATO Assistant artists NAM KIM, BEN HARVEY & SHI HUA WANG of STUDIO IL The thrilling conclusion to the first action packed Incarnate miniseries from Nick Simmons, star of A&E's Gene Simmons' Family Jewels! In the aftermath of a furious battle against Ripley's Revenant strike force, Mot and Connor are forced to attend a party thrown by Solomon Vane, Sibyl's father and leader of Sanctum. While circulating among the elite of human society, Mot discovers an unsettling secret concerning Ripley and the rest of the Revenant council. But when Ripley abducts Sibyl, Mot and Connor suddenly realize that they may have been inadvertently freed from their forced captivity. Now Mot must decide--will he abandon everyone, leaving Sibyl to Ripley's mercy, or will he defy his own nature to rescue her and settle an old score with Ripley himself? Cover by Jo Chen.

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