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TITAN COMICS - TITAN COMICS - CLINT - (W/A) Various Once in every generation something special happens. British comics makes an evolutionary jump. In the fifties it was The Eagle. In the seventies it was 2000AD. Now the most important comic-book event in over thirty years takes place with CLiNT as best-selling writer Mark Millar and industry legend John Romita Jr bring you the sequel to their movie Kick-Ass with Kick-Ass 2: Balls To The Wall. Harnessing the biggest names in British television with the most exciting figures in US comics, Mark Millar is writing and editing a revolutionary new book that covers superheroes, vampires, super-villains and science fiction combined with some of the best journalists from film magazines Empire and SFX. Get in on the ground floor now and be a part of comic-book history. A collectors item must-have!

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