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Codice prodotto: IC41855

Prezzo: 0.25
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ARCANA - KADE - by Sean O'Reilly & Stjepan Sejic Available at the ultra-low introductory price of 25 cents. It's been nearly 50 years since the death of Ezra. Kade is alone and is losing meaning in his life. Unable to sleep, the gothic demon hunter pushes forward walking to new lands and a new adventure. Kade is an ageless entity and his story will span over 3,500 years across various regions and eras. His story will be told chronologically creating about 6 or 7 series before finally 'ending up in contemporary America.' Kade was born near the end of the Bronze Age and as he gets closer and closer to the present day, the stories will become less and less fantasy based and more 'realistic' horror-action. The Fallen Angels and demons begin to understand their hunter and the rules of the hunt, relying more on guile and stealth to accomplish their motives.

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